Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve
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Around park: 7km

Head out

Want to go shopping, visit a big city, a small local village, or rather a beach? There are countless options in the area around the Oosterschelde!

Oosterschelde National Park

The Oosterschelde is the largest and wettest National Park of the Netherlands. It's a world of tides, wind, and mostly water, lots of water. The landscape always changes because of the tides, and you can experience this at all times and in all places.


Within 1000 meters from de Stelhoeve you can find fun beaches where you and your children can have a great relaxing time. At the family beach you'll also find Club Casco where you can relax with a drink. At this nice bistro you can also enjoy lunch or dinner. Next to Club Casco there is a cafeteria.


Goes is less than a 15-minute drive from de Stelhoeve. This vibrant city is the heart of Zeeland and combines city life with many activities in a rural area. So whether you like to go on a fun activity or visit a fun event, or rather fully unwind, Goes offers the experience you want.

In Goes you'll also find the Hollandsche Hoeve. The city park, with its old orchard, is a perfect walking area with extensive signage. You'll also find the Vierlinden and Ambachtscentrum here.

An hour of movement or a full day trip, at Omnium it's all possible, and under one roof. Here you'll find a subtropical swimming pool, a tropical forest, and four sports halls. A true sports paradise!


From de Stelhoeve it's a drive of around 45 minutes to visit the capital of Zeeland. Like Goes, this city offers many activities and is extremely vibrant in summer. Fun events to visit are the mussel festivities in July, or you can sail through the canals, visit a local city brewery, or visit a famous jazz festival (in June).

Furthermore, you can dine in luxurious restaurants, and there are tons of nice bars where you can have a nice drink. But where? On this website you'll find many tips and recommendations on where to go. Looking for more different events, culture, and activities? You can find more tips here


From de Stelhoeve you can reach Wemeldinge in just a few minutes of walking or cycling. You could, for example, go through the Wemeldingse Bos or past the water and the marina. Wemeldinge has a beautiful protected townscape, the Dorpstraat. Its long row of linden trees is worth your attention!

In Wemeldinge you'll find nice restaurants like Bobbys, de Oude Sluis and Eeterij Juno. There also are multiple cafeteria. For your daily shopping, you can go to Spar in Wemeldinge.

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