Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve


Around park: 5km


Want to get cultural in the area? There are plenty things to experience, enjoy, and visit near the Oosterschelde.

Maria Magdalena church

The Maria Magdalena church is a beautiful building in the middle of Goes. For decades, the Grote Kerk has been a building that is part of Goes and has become invaluable. Currently, this beautiful church is used for various activities. For instance:

  • Fairs;
  • Expositions;
  • Receptions;
  • Concerts;
  • Lectures;
  • Cultural activities;
  • Church services.

A monument that is truly part of Goes and is beautiful, both on the inside and outside.

Steam train Goes - Borsele

This is a rolling museum where you can get on one of the trains and make this journey. In here you'll experience an old train journey and will be told everything about the track, the trains, and all the associated history. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a beautiful view and will end up in a nice catering business. A great trip from start to end

Beer Brewery Slot Oostende

The old castle has been used as a private beer brewery from 2016, and is also the oldest building in Goes.  Throughout the ages, various types of persons lived in Slot Oostende and used it differently. Nowadays you can even stay there, there is a terrace, you can have parties and celebrations there, and there is a beer brewery.

Furthermore, you can go on two types of tours, both historical and of the brewery. They brew their own beer, like Slot Oostende beer and Emelisse beer.  Culture, history, an experience, and a delight. Slot Oostende has everything! 

Even more?

There are many more attractions to visit in the region, such as:

  • National Heritage Kuiperspoort Middelburg;
  • Abbey tower de Lange Jan;
  • The Oostkerk of Middelburg from 1667;
  • Zeeuws Museum;
  • City brewery Middelburg;
  • and lots more!