Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve
Cycling and hiking

Cycling and hiking

Around park: 1km

Cycling and hiking

Hike along the Oosterschelde, go through the forests, or grab your bike and go on long cycling tours and visit the fun villages near De Stelhoeve. Catch some fresh air while enjoying the landscape!

Nice places to visit

From De Stelhoeve, Wemeldinge is only a few minutes away by foot or bicycle. You could, for example, walk through the Wemeldingse Bos or along the water and the marina. Wemeldinge is a beautiful village with lots of history.

There are many hiking and cycling routes near Wemeldinge. Head out and visit the town itself. In Wemeldinge you'll find nice restaurants like Bobbys, the Oude Sluis and Eeterij Juno.

There also are various cafeteria. You can go to Spar in Wemeldinge for your daily shopping. You can also easily reach Goes by bike, and villages like Kapelle, Kloetinge, and Yerseke are certainly worth a visit.

The Oosterschelde

Around the Oosterschelde you'll find creeks, forests, farmlands, and orchards. It's great to cycle and hike along the water and through the orchards around De Stelhoeve. You can receive various hiking and cycling routes at the park reception.

You can also cycle from De Stelhoeve by following the node system. Oosterscheldepark De Stelhoeve is 50 meters away from the Oosterschelde.