Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve
Spring break Zeeland

Spring vacation in Wemeldinge, Zeeland

Experience it in our Zeeland vacation homes

The busy festive months are over and the new year has started... Time to enjoy going away for a while. The spring vacation is a wonderful period to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Zeeland. At Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve you enjoy 

  • Small–scale vacation park
  • At 50 meters from the Oosterschelde
  • In Wemeldinge, Zeeland

Luxury and comfort in a natural area

At Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve we guarantee a care-free vacation with lots of comfort.

    Beautiful view

    From your cottage and from your private patio, you will have a beautiful view of lush forests, dikes, or green polder landscapes.

    In traditional style

    All of our cottages are built in traditional Zeeland style. The red roofs and white window frames are characteristic of this.

    For every group

    The vacation rentals at Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve are suitable for 2, 4, or 5 persons. There is also a 38-person group accommodation.

Discover and experience during the spring vacation

Peace seekers, nature lovers, action enthusiasts and bon vivants; everyone is welcome at our small-scale holiday park in Wemeldinge! Your vacation rental is just 50 meters from the Oosterschelde, where you can go for the most beautiful walks and bike rides. You will also find many diving spots and you can join cool boat trips. You might even spot a seal! The shopping city of Goes is 7 kilometers from our park, with a historical inner harbor. Make sure to visit the fishing village of Yerseke, picturesque Wemeldinge or the seaside resort of Domburg too.

Things to do during the spring vacation

  • Spotting seals
  • Tasting local dishes
  • Diving in the Oosterschelde
  • Cycling and/or hiking

These places in Zeeland are certainly worth a visit:

This is what previous holidaymakers asked us:

✦ What activities can I enjoy in the Zeeland area?

Water sports enthusiasts can go sailing, diving or fishing, and rest seekers can go for beautiful walks, cycle through the dunes or spend a whole day relaxing at one of the area's many beaches. Zeeland is the place to be!

✦ Where exactly is my vacation home located?

Our beautiful waterfront vacation cottages are located on a dike in the friendly Zeeland village of Wemeldinge. At just a 50-meter walk from your cottage, you will find the Oosterschelde, where you can undertake the coolest water sports activities.