Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve

Diving weekend in Zeeland

Discover the underwater world of the Oosterschelde

Zeeland is one of the most popular diving areas in Western Europe, thanks to more than a hundred diving sites and a remarkable underwater world. Looking for a vacation home to stay in during your diving weekend in Zeeland? If so, take a look at De Stelhoeve. On our small-scale and quietly located recreation park there are 18 Zeeland vacation homes suitable for 2, 4 or 5 persons. The park is located on the Oosterschelde. You will find many beautiful diving sites in the immediate vicinity of the park. Diving site 'Galjoen zonder Poen' lies 850 meters from the park, so it can be reached within minutes. In short, it is the ideal location for a diving vacation in your own country.

  • The park is near a diving spot
  • Various diving facilities such as the Diving Shed
  • Vacation park on the Oosterschelde

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Discover the possibilities for diving in Zeeland

Below the water's surface, Zeeland is home to diverse flora and fauna and large shipwrecks. Here you will find the best diving spots in the Netherlands. This makes it the ideal province for a diving vacation in the Netherlands. In Lake Grevelingen, the ship 'Le Serpent' has been sunk for sport divers, it is now at a depth of 23 meters. The 'Galjoen zonder Poen' is within walking distance of the park; the wreck itself is a 5-minute swim from shore. In spring, you can also admire many mating cuttlefish, a color-changing squid, in the waters of the Oosterschelde. Each year, many divers look forward to this spectacular phenomenon with anticipation. Have you had enough of diving for a while? Visit the quaint fishing village of Yerseke.

View our authentic Zeeland vacation homes:

3 nights
2 people

4-person Zeeland Cottage

Netherlands, Zeeland, Wemeldinge
3 nights
2 people

5-person Zeeland Cottage

Netherlands, Zeeland, Wemeldinge
3 nights
2 people

2-person Zeeland Cottage

Netherlands, Zeeland, Wemeldinge

Make use of various diving facilities

We proudly present to you the Diving shed. As a diver, you can take advantage of this unique concept in Zeeland. In addition to toilets and showers, the space contains basins in which you can rinse your suits and equipment. There are also lockers, where you can hang your suit and leave your belongings. The Diving Shed is located at the front of the park, right next to the dike. There is also a staircase that allows you to go directly up the dike.  Then on the other side, a staircase and solar platform were also constructed. This way, you can quickly reach the Stelhoeve diving site directly on the Oosterschelde in an easy way. Furthermore, at 50 meters there is a filling station for compressed air bottles and in the village there is a dive shop, where you can get all the necessary equipment. Would you please indicate that you would like to use this accommodation when booking? We will make sure there is a key waiting for you!

    Diving shed with showers
    Stairs and solar platform
    Dive shop nearby

Here you will find Oosterscheldepark Stelhoeve:

Stay the night in typical Zeeland cottages

You can discover the beautiful underwater world of Zeeland during a diving vacation at De Stelhoeve. At our small-scale park you can stay the night in typical Zeeland homes for up to 5 people. Prefer to dive with a larger group? If so, check out our group accommodation for 48 people. The park is located on the outskirts of the cozy village of Wemeldinge. With De Stelhoeve as a base, you will not only experience the beauty of the underwater world, but also the charming character of Zeeland on the mainland. With us you will experience a diving vacation that perfectly combines relaxation, adventure and conviviality.

Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve:

  • Zeeland cottages for up to 5 persons
  • Farmhouse for up to 48 persons
  • At a small-scale holiday park
  • By the Oosterschelde
  • Pet-free holiday park

This is what previous diving enthusiasts asked us:

✦ What marine animals swim in the Oosterschelde?

Beneath the water surface of the Oosterschelde is a huge diversity of animals and aquatic flora. Discover cuttlefish, seahorses, anemones, seals, porpoises and or even sharks. You can also find the only coral species in the Netherlands here. 

✦ Can I dive in the Oosterschelde as a beginner?

There are some diving waters for beginners where conditions are good, but most places where you can dive in the Oosterschelde are only suitable for more experienced divers.  

✦ What is the Diving Shed?

The Diving Shed is a unique concept at De Stelhoeve in Zeeland, with facilities such as toilets, showers, sinks and lockers for divers. Located on the dike, it offers direct access to the Oosterschelde.