Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve
vacation park Oosterschelde

Nature, peace and an enjoyable time; vacation at the Oosterschelde

Relaxation by the soothing waters

For a relaxing vacation you don't have to go far at all, Zeeland offers everything you need to completely relax. The Stelhoeve is a small-scale vacation park directly located on the Oosterschelde. Here you will stay in a traditional Zeeland vacation home. The peaceful waters of the Oosterschelde are just 50 meters away from our vacation park. Explore this natural environment with endless possibilities for activities. For example, the Oosterschelde is a perfect destination for sailing or diving. You can also go on beautiful hiking and cycling trips in the area. We look forward to welcoming you!

  • Quiet and small-scale holiday resort
  • Traditional vacation homes
  • Directly located along the Eastern Scheldt

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Discover the unique environment of the Oosterschelde

The Oosterschelde is the largest National Park in the Netherlands and our vacation park is located directly adjacent to it. There is plenty to explore in this area rich in water; from unique dive sites to beautiful cruises where you can spot seals. These are some of our best tips:


    Discover the diverse marine life of the Oosterschelde. You will find several diving locations in the area. There is a diving shed at our park where you can shower and rinse your gear after diving.

    Sailing on the Oosterschelde

    Step aboard a tour boat and discover the beautiful nature of the Oosterschelde from the water. Also join a seal safari, you might spot a seal or a porpoise!

    Visit the Watersnoodmuseum

    Of course, a visit to this museum should not be missed during your vacation on the Oosterschelde! Learn more about the Delta Works and the Dutch battle against rising water levels.

Discover our typical Zeeland vacation homes:

3 nights
2 people

5-person Zeeland Cottage

Netherlands, Zeeland, Wemeldinge
3 nights
2 people

4-person Zeeland Cottage

Netherlands, Zeeland, Wemeldinge
3 nights
2 people

4-person Zeeland Cottage

Netherlands, Zeeland, Wemeldinge

Staying overnight on the waters by the Oosterschelde

Stay in an authentic Zeeland vacation home at the Stelhoeve. Our vacation homes can accommodate up to 5 people and are tastefully decorated making you feel right at home. Are (many) more people coming along? If so, you can spend the night in our luxury group accommodation. It accommodates up to 48 people making it an ideal vacation home for a care group or the whole family. Our vacation homes are located just 50 meters from the Oosterschelde. You will be at the edge of the rippling water after only a short walk along the dike. Which cottage do you prefer?

Overview of your holiday home:

  • Built in Zeeland style
  • Suitable for up to 48 persons
  • Tastefully decorated
  • Situated directly on the Oosterschelde

This is what previous guests have asked us:

✦ What activities are there to do during a vacation at the Oosterschelde?

You can enjoy various activities such as hiking and cycling along the dikes, practicing water sports, bird watching and tasting Zeeland specialties, such as mussels and fish.

✦ What makes the Oosterschelde a unique vacation destination?

The combination of the peaceful atmosphere, breathtaking nature and Zeeland's hospitality makes the Oosterschelde a unique destination. It is an undiscovered gem where visitors can truly relax and enjoy nature.