Would you like to go diving in the Oosterschelde, with the added convenience of a room where you can rinse and dry your diving gear?

The perfect combination

Or, are you a diver, looking for an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves? Look no further than the Stelhoeve! We offer a combination of diving and recreational accommodation.

Various diving facilities

Because diving was already popular along the dike at the Stelhoeve, there was a consultation with the Dutch Underwater Sports Association (NOB). We have asked them what important additions to make for divers in our park. As a result, a space has been created in which people can go to after diving to shower, rinse their suits and equipment, and let them dry all their gear. De Duikschuur (Diving Barn) is located at the front of the park, right next to the dike. There is also a staircase which directly takes you to the dike. On the other side, a staircase and a sun plateau were created. In this way, you can quickly get to the dive site of the Stelhoeve directly on the Oosterschelde.

Filling station and diving shop

Furthermore, at 50 meters there is a filling station for compressed air bottles, and there is a dive shop in the village, where you can get all your necessary equipment.