Oosterscheldepark de Stelhoeve
Ascension Day

Quietness, relaxation, and nature: Ascension Day in Zeeland

Care-free joy by the Oosterschelde

Enjoy an extra long weekend in Zeeland over Ascension Day! At De Stelhoeve you can fully unwind in the inspiring Zeelandic surroundings. Here you can stay in a characteristic vacation home located right by the Oosterschelde. You can go on beautiful hikes through spring nature here, or you can visit one of the historic towns in the area like Goes or Yerseke. You can also go diving to explore the underwater life of the Oosterschelde. After an active day you can take a comfortable seat in a local restaurant and taste fresh fish and seafood. Discover the quiet atmosphere of Zeeland during your Ascension Day weekend!

  • Small–scale vacation park
  • Typically Zeelandic homes
  • Located right by the Oosterschelde

Find your perfect stay during Ascension Day:

Celebrate Ascension Day by the Oosterschelde

The Oosterschelde is a beautiful destination for your Ascension Day weekend through the extraordinary nature, historic coastal towns, and unique culture. Here you can truly escape the daily bustle. We highlight some tips in the area for you:


    Beautiful nature

    National Park de Oosterschelde is great destination for hiking and cycling. You'll find unique animal and plant species here. During a dive in the Oosterschelde you can, among other things, spot seahorses and sepias.

    Picturesque towns

    Discover the shopping town Goes, the water sports valhalla Wemeldinge, or fishing town Yerseke. These are beautiful and historic towns for a day of shopping or to enjoy some local culinary delights like mussels and fish.


    Zeeland is known for its large coastline with many beaches. During Ascension Day, temperatures are usually pleasant already, so a day at the beach is also a great option for your vacation. Be sure to drop by at one of the many beach pavillions as well!

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Comfortable and authentic stay

Our characteristic vacation homes are less than 50 meters from the water of the Oosterschelde. They are built in typically Zeelandic style with red roofs and white window frames. Our vacation homes can host up to 5 persons. Through the complete and atmospheric interior, you'll immediately feel at home when you enter them. From your spacious yard with comfortable furniture you can enjoy the quietness and privacy the beautiful area of Zeeland has to offer. Your Ascension Day was never as relaxing as at De Stelhoeve!

An overview of your stay:

  • Quiet and small vacation park
  • Authentic Zeelandic homes
  • Spacious yard with furniture
  • Located right by the Oosterschelde
  • Plenty of tranquility and privacy

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This is what previous guests have asked us:

✦ Can I go on nice hiking and cycling tours in the area?

Certainly! Because of the flat landscape and unique nature, Zeeland is a wonderful location for hiking and cycling tours. Many routes will lead you through the dunes, along the coastline, and through National Park De Oosterschelde.

✦ Which dishes should I definitely try?

Taste the oysters, mussels, and Oosterschelde lobster Zeeland is known for. Feel like something sweet instead? Try a Zeelandic Bolus!