Our history

Only a few years ago, in 2010, the Stelhoeve barn went up in flames. Together with Roos & Ros Architects we developed a new plan and a new barn was built. Construction company Van de Linde from Goes has completely rebuilt the barn. The result is wonderful!

De Stelhoeve; won a Zoover Award within 3 years

In Mei 2011 De Stelhoeve was opened. The vacation park is located on the Oosterschelde, near the village of Wemeldinge. Here are 18 vacation homes, 1 group accommodation and 1 conference room. Only 3 years later, De Stelhoeve is very well rated by Zoover, with a Dutch 8.5. Both in 2013 and 2014 we have received the designation of Zoover Highly Recommended ("highly recommended"). Zoover is a very important rating website in the Netherlands. This means that we are already appreciated from the beginning.

Imperial monument

De Stelhoeve is an Imperial Monument in Zeeland. The first foundations date back to 1540. Nowadays De Stelhoeve is a renovated old ''Zeeuwse'' farm. The area is full of nature. In the bay near the holiday park live many water birds. At De Stelhoeve you can even find an old well. The combination of the Oosterschelde, the authentic farm and the nature guarantee you a pleasant, peaceful stay.

Craftswoman Maria Coomans

Craftswoman Maria Coomans lived in the 18th century. She played an important role in the development of De Stelhoeve, even beyond her death.

Maria Coomons was baptized on December 19, 1717 in Goes. She was a craftswoman in Wemeldinge from 1772 until her death in 1791. She had a second home, De Stelhoeve, which was then still a farm. Mrs. Coomans had a good relationship with the church and the citizens of the village Wemeldinge. This is revealed, among other things, from her will, which was revealed after her death in 1791. From this it appeared that the church in the village would receive a lot of money as well as inherit the farm Stelhoeve. However, there was one condition: The farm was not to be sold. She probably wanted to make sure that the church would not sell the farm because of money problems or that the farm might fall into foreign hands.

According to her will, the farm remained in the possession of the local church for centuries. It was not until 1997 that this was changed. The maintenance of De Stelhoeve had become very expensive over time. Too expensive for the church community, although the farm had been leased for a long time and therefore still raised money. Therefore, an expert was consulted as to if it was possible to sell the farm. The answer was affirmative, which is why De Stelhoeve was sold on March 31, 1998.

Maria Coomans is buried in the Grote of Maria Magdalena church in Goes. Do you plan to visit the church when you celebrate your vacations with us?

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