Information regarding COVID

General Information

The coronavirus causes several daily developments. That is why we keep in close contact with the appropriate authorities. We always adapt our policy to the current guidelines. Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions and answers.

Question 1.

Can I still go on holliday because of the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

At this moment our park is open :)

But we understand your question. We also understand that you want to go on holiday with a sense of security. We will do our utmost for that! Your vacation can still go on after May 1st. For a stay at our park our national guidelines are leading. Additionally, we will take a number of extra measures.

As long the availability is available, you can book online.

Question 2.

What measures do we take to prevent spread?

The national policy is aimed at keeping social contacts with others to a minimum and guaranteeing (hand) hygiene. At our park the reception is open. Also the supermarket in the village is open, bicycle rental is also possible. The bikes will be ready at your home and you can pay contactless.

You can still go out in the area. There is even more attention to cleaning. Our cleaning service has custom protocols which are working. We pay extra attention to hand contact points and these are cleaned with even more care.


If you have any questions about this, please contact us - by sending an email. Or do you want to move your stay to a later date, please also send us an email, we will try to provide you with an answer quickly on the basis of the applicable conditions.

Question 3.
My holiday takes place in the period after the 1st of May. What if I want to cancel?

Do you want to cancel your stay? If you do not have cancellation insurance, a fee will be charged when you cancel. These costs are part of the rent and can be found in our terms and conditions.

Tip: Cancellation is subject to a fee. Check the conditions with your cancellation insurance. Then you will know whether you are entitled to compensation.

Didn't find what you were looking for or do you have stay related questions?
Please send us an email, so we can provide you with a specific answer.