Group accommodation

Group accommodation

Familiehuis Oosterschelde is a luxurious, five-star family home in Zeeland suitable for up to 48 people. Our accommodation can be used for e.g. a family reunion. Many care groups also find their way to the Stelhoeve.

The group accommodation is completely newly built in accordance with the former old Zeeland farmhouse. The group accommodation has 14 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. 4 rooms have a real, old-fashioned, bedstead.

Self catering

The group accommodation has a large catering kitchen with 2 stoves, an oven and a professional dishwasher. Therefore it is perfectly possible to book the accommodation on a self-catering basis.

A complete catering service

It is also possible to outsource the preparing and cooking of meals to a cook. Think of a dinner or lunch with delicious Zeeland specialties. It is also possible to have a professional barbecue. Furthermore, there are also possibilities for simple meals such as macaroni or French fries and mussels. Delicious! Take a look at for the possibilities.

Family home layout & facilities

The living room is cozy furnished with:

  1. A large sitting area with sofas and 2 recliners, flat screen TV and stereo (with USB and MP3)
  2. A large sitting area with sofas and 2 recliners by the gas fireplace (with remote control)
  3. A pool Table
  4. An intermediate floor with a football table and reading corner
  5. 10 teak dining tables with chairs

The bedroom and bathroom contains:

  1. Two double beds with a bedside table and light
  2. A bunk bed (4 bedrooms have a real closet-bed)
  3. A clothing storage cabinet
  4. Shower
  5. Washbasin
  6. Toilet

The kitchen is made entirely of stainless steel and easy to use and contains:

  1. 2 fridges and 2 freezers
  2. Catering dishwasher (normal dishwasher cubes)
  3. Combi Microwave
  4. Walk-through coffee maker and kettle
  5. 2 gas stoves with each 4 burners
  6. Oven (gastronorm format)
  7. Washing machine
  8. A sink area with 2 large sinks

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