From the Stelhoeve you can get to Wemeldinge in a few minutes by bike or on foot. This is possible through the Wemeldingse bos (forest) or along the water and the marina. The village of Wemeldinge features a beautiful protected area, the Dorpsstraat. With its long line of lime trees it's certainly worth your attention!

In Wemeldinge you'll find nice restaurants like Bobbys (www.restaurantbobbys.nl), de Oude Sluis (http://www.deoudesluis.net) and IBuddha (www.ibuddhawemeldinge.com). There are also several snack bars. At the Spar in Wemeldinge you can get your daily groceries.

Would you like to relax and enjoy a nice Wellness package? It's possible at KNAPP (www.knappinzeeland.nl  ) or de Druppel (www.dedruppel.nl ).

Ligging de Stelhoeve