Unique location by the Oosterschelde

The unique thing about de Stelhoeve is the direct location on the Oosterschelde. The Oosterschelde is the largest national park of the Netherlands and is popular with divers thanks to its unique underwater flora and fauna. There are many plant and animal species in and around the Oosterschelde. The water temperature, salt content and available food are so ideal that many kinds of birds, fish and water plants live here in the Oosterschelde. These animal species live here in large numbers. It already starts early in the season: lumpsuckers, squids and cuttlefish, all with their eggs. You can also find lobsters in different sizes.

Underwater life

There are about 6 different fish species in the Oosterschelde. The young of a number of fish are born in the Oosterschelde: garfish, pogge, anchovy, pipefish, eelpouts, and shorthorn sculpin. There are 42 species of red algae, 34 species of brown algae, 30 species of blue algae and 38 species of green algae. In the Oosterschelde you'll also find sea anemones, sponges, tunicates and ophiurians. Other special species are snakes, bristleworms, barnacles, starfish, jellyfish and shrimps. Squids come especially to the Oosterschelde from the English south coast to mate.

Various possibilities

Of course you can go diving from hotspot de Stelhoeve, but it's also possible to get on a boat and dive from there. There are several companies offering drift and wreck diving.

The Oosterschelde - De Stelhoeve
The Oosterschelde - De Stelhoeve