On the grounds of the Stelhoeve you can take part in fun activities with friends or family. You can play games together on the lawns.

It is also possible to participate in guided activities, such as archery, mountain biking, sailing, traditional Dutch games or an exciting birds of prey show! We would love to introduce you to the people who safely can take care of these activities for you. You can organize the following activities:

Ring tilting

Traditional Zeeuws fun during a workshop ring tilting. Unique! If you are interested in this workshop, please contact Hofkeizersweel: 0113-626131 or email: keizersweel@zeelandnet.nl

Traditional Dutch games

Real wooden traditional Dutch and Flemish games. You can choose from more than 15 different games for all ages, suited forboth indoor and outdoor use. For more information, see www.hollandsespelen.nl

Many other activities

Archery is a fun activity suitable for both young and old. The program starts by teaching archery technique and ends with a competition or free shooting time. You can find more information about archery, but also about other activities, on www.zelanevenementen.nl

Many of these activities can be organized on the grounds of the Stelhoeve.