Care groups

Are you looking for a location for your care group? De Stelhoeve offers a luxurious accommodation with various possibilities to stay overnight for care groups.

Group accommodation de Oosterschelde

The Stelhoeve is located on the embankment of the Oosterschelde and offers a residential location in a beautiful area just a few steps away from the Oosterschelde National Park.

Our group accommodation de Oosterschelde is a luxurious, five star group accommodation with a capacity for up to 48 persons. For example, it is an ideal location for care groups to stay together. The accommodation has a large living room with an intermediate floor, a dining area, large kitchen and 14 bedrooms for up to 4 persons.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom with toilet, washbasin and a shower. Here you have plenty of space and privacy. You have the possibility to cook for yourself or to outsource it to a chef. Group accommodation the Oosterschelde is a beautiful place to stay.

''Zeeuwse'' holiday homes

In addition to the group accommodation, De Stelhoeve also offers chalets. The ''Zeeuwse'' chalets have a capacity for 2 to 5 persons and are equipped with the following facilities:

  1. 1 to 3 bedrooms
  2. Fridge with coffee maker, kettle, vacuum cleaner and microwave
  3. Terrace with picnic tables and chairs
  4. Free WiFi